What is MyCN Affiliator service?

MyCN Affiliat service is an affiliate service for MyCN compant products/services which are (Shipping service, Shopper, Loto platform).

The concept of affiliate marketing is: A marketing system based on mutual benefit between the owner of the good, service or offer on the one hand, and the publisher or marketer of the commission on the other.

This service works to market products and services that already exist in the market, which have a demand and fame among customers, and then make profits through them.

Affiliate marketing is a real treasure for every young man who seeks to change his life for the better in 2020. It has gained great fame due to its easy access and no need to have a capital.

We seek through our MyCN Affiliat to create new opportunities fro Arab youth to increase their income, also create jobs for them to change their lives for better.

Professional marketers or anyone with good marketing skills and have many followers, can use MyCN Affiliat service by obtaining a registration link for each marketer to register their clients to calculate commission on each activity or sales achieved by the marketer to MyCN.

Important skills for MyCN Ambassador:

Have a good source of visitors.

Have a large number of followers on social networking sites.

Possess a means of persuasion and familiar with dealing with customers.

Expert in analyzing results and competitors.

Creative and thinks outside the box.

Be one of MyCN affiliators and gain more profits with no need for capital

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