Why do we use it?

How to order and buy through a personal shopper

How to order and buy through a personal shopper


You need to expand your business and start importing from China without the need to travel, learn the Chinese language and deal with suppliers directly

With the personal shopper service, we made it easy for you to import from China. The section contains a set of classifications that include a variety of products from the most famous Chinese stores "Ali Baba 1688, Taobao, Tmall" in Arabic, you can choose the best and best-selling product either through the products displayed within the section or from Through the product link or product image

In simple steps, you will get everything you need for your trade of safe and high quality products...

Initially, you must register on the platform. After registering, you will get a Chinese postal address that allows you to purchase from Chinese stores products, and gives you storage space inside the China warehouse to store your products after purchase

Now we will come to how to order and purchase products through the personal shopper section within your control panel "as previously noted that there is more than one way through which you can get the product you need

First: If you want to choose the product directly from the products in the personal shopper section


Go through your control panel to the purchase and import section. Click on the personal shopper page. A group of categories will appear that includes a variety of options for products

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