A company specialized in providing shipping and assembly services and electronic commerce facilities from China to all parts of the world, so that we save the customer the cost of sporadic shipping, in addition to providing packaging, storage, sorting and inspection services for shipments to ensure quantities and quality according to the required specifications.
The company includes 3 projects "Shipping, LotoShopper".

To benefit from MyCN services for shipping from China, whether you are a seller or a customer, first register on ship.mycn.io to be given a Chinese address and warehouse to receive and store your goods, you can use this address to shop from China stores and factories so that you can register or send that address to the supplier or The seller you want to buy from so that your purchases can be shipped to, so that we can receive and ship them to your address later.

If you own goods in China and need to ship them with MYCN you just have to register and get a Chinese address, and then provide the supplier or factory you are dealing with with the address to receive your goods from, after receipt you submit a shipment request for your goods at your address through your control panel on MyCN

MyCN has three subscription packages, each package has certain features that suit all categories, whether you are a trader or an individual, the available packages are as follows:

Basic Package (Free): It is suitable for individual or retail shopping, allowing you to ship with Aramex and DHL.
Gold Package ($ 35 / month): A paid package that suits those who ask China in somewhat large quantities but at separate times, not continuously, allowing you to ship on all available shipping lines, and includes customs clearance services.
Merchant Package ($ 69): A prepaid package, suitable for merchants and shop owners who are requesting shipment in large quantities continuously, and for many addresses, allowing you to ship to all available shipping companies, including customs clearance services.

The shipping cost with MYCN depends on the a Actual and volumetric weight, the nature of the product and the shipping address,
To calculate the approximate shipping cost of your shipment, you can calculate it using our price calculator

To find out if your product can be shipped or not, see the Prohibited Products page first, then contact us through tickets or through the contact form on our website.

MyCN allows you to have multiple charging lines (Aramex, DHL, Mycn line, mycn line IM, Mycn Express, Mobile IM)

To find out the most appropriate shipping line for your shipment, see the Shipping Terms page to see the restrictions and conditions for each shipping line, and contact with the team specialized in shipments on our site, noting that the shipping companies available to you refer to the type of package currently subscribed to.

The cost of participation is separate from the shipping cost, but you are only required to pay the total shipping cost for your parcel. You will not be required to charge additional customs clearance fees unless we are unable to provide customs clearance for your product according to its nature or the customs of the country to which it is sent, knowing that it is determined for you before shipping.
If you ship in commercial quantities, you need to subscribe to the merchant package or the golden package to benefit from customs clearance services and exemption from the commercial registry.
MyCN provides Door to Door shipping services, i.e. to the customer’s home directly, except in some cases for customs reasons, for example or others - with the customer being informed of this before shipment -.
To recharge your MyCN balance, you can pay with bank transfer, credit cards and mada network.

To recharge the balance, first enter your MyCN account. On the main menu of the dashboard, you will find the option "Recharge Balance".

After purchasing the product from Chinese websites, either using the personal shopper service or by yourself, and upon the arrival of the shipment to your warehouse in China, you can submit a parcel preparation request to prepare it for shipping to your address by following the steps outlined in this blog.

To find out the status of your shipment, keep up with the shipment details from your MyCN control panel, by selecting Shipments from the side menu, and then clicking on the shipment details, so that the status of the shipment and the tracking number are shown, with a notification sent to you as soon as the tracking number is issued.

To check or return the shipment, you can submit a return or check request from your control panel in the side menu.

Normal shipment can only be collected, but if the shipment contains a different battery or brand it cannot be combined into a single parcel.

MyCN can only ship lithium batteries.

When you send your full Chinese address in MyCN to the factory or supplier you are dealing with, this address contains an identification code that reserves a certain space for you in our warehouse, and we track your shipment from the factory according to this code so that it reaches us with your name registered in MyCN.

Shipment: The goods that arrive to us from the supplier as they are, i.e. in the same condition.

 Parcel: bundling more than one shipment together to reduce shipping costs.


Some products come in their box (the product box), and upon shipment, the shipping cost is calculated based on the higher weight between the actual and volumetric weight (dimensions); And some products, their boxes, take up space, so they increase the volumetric weight and thus the shipping cost. You have the freedom to choose to remove it or keep it according to your desire and need.