MyCN is a Saudi company, established in 2013 and headquartered in China in Shenzhen

Yes, registered, and the name of the registered company: Al-Model Al-Asrari Trading Company

Commercial Registration Number: 4031198494

mycn warehouse is located in Foshan city, south of China located in Guangdong province

Buying products from Chinese stores at wholesale prices, giving a special Chinese, American, and Saudi mail address to each customer, storing goods in warehouses equipped with the latest technologies, air and sea freight, including customs clearance from China and America, creating professional electronic stores, adding products to stores through the dropshipping service .

First register on our site to be given a Chinese address that will allow you storage space within our warehouse in China to receive and store your goods

You can use this address to shop from China's stores and factories so that you send the address to the supplier you want to buy from so that your purchases will be shipped on, so we can receive it and ship it later to your address

Your identification code that distinguishes your shipment from any other shipments, and the supplier must put it on the carton so that your shipment will be found upon its arrival in the warehouse

Once the shipments arrive at the warehouse, they are registered in your control panel and will appear to you in the shipments section, and a notification will be sent through your control panel as soon as they are registered.

MyCN has three subscription packages available, and they are as follows:

The free package: suitable for individual shopping by the piece or in small quantities, it allows you to ship with Aramex and DHL only

The Golden Package: It is suitable for those who order from China in somewhat large quantities, but with sporadic periods and not continuously, it allows you to ship on all available shipping lines and includes customs clearance services

Merchant Package: It is suitable for merchants and store owners who request shipping in large quantities on an ongoing basis and to many addresses. It allows you to ship on all available shipping companies, including customs clearance services and the online store. It also allows you to add products within your store without purchasing them through the drop shipping service.

MYCN shipping cost depends on the weight above the actual and volumetric weight of the product, the nature of the product and the shipping address

  Calculate the approximate shipping cost through our price calculator

A product inquiry service has been provided, through which you can determine the possibility of shipping freight and find out the appropriate shipping line for it.

To recharge your balance on MyCN, you can pay by bank transfer, credit cards and mada

To recharge the balance, first log in to your MyCN account. In the main menu on the control panel you will find the option "Balance Recharge"

MyCN offers you multiple shipping lines (Aramex, DHL, SMR line, SMR Express, FedEx)

To find out the most appropriate shipping line for your shipment, see the shipping lines page to know the restrictions and conditions of each shipping line, and contact the team specialized in shipments on our website, noting that the shipping companies available to you refer to the type of package you currently subscribe to.

Yes, your products arrive directly to your door, except in some cases for customs reasons or cities that are not covered by the shipping company.

You can group shipments of the same category together.

It is not possible, but you can request shipping within China with the full address data of the destination you want to send to

The package will be prepared by the competent team within 48 hours

Packages are shipped after processing within 24 hours without any holidays in China

If you are shipping in commercial quantities, you need to subscribe to the merchant package or the golden package to benefit from the services of shipping companies that provide shipping including customs clearance

You can submit a return request or check a shipment through your control panel in the Storage and Shipments section

Find out more details here

Air freight is based on the calculation of the highest weight between the actual weight and the volumetric weight and the volumetric weight is calculated: length * width * height / 5000 While ocean freight depends on calculating weight in cubic meters, CBM = length * width * height / 1000000

Shipment: Goods that arrive to us from the supplier as they are, i.e. in the same condition

Parcel: Grouping and packing more than one shipment together to reduce shipping costs

Some products come with their box (product box), and when shipping, the shipping cost is calculated based on the higher weight between the actual and volumetric weight (dimensions).

There are some products whose boxes take up space, so they increase the volumetric weight and thus the shipping cost

Removing the box is optional and not mandatory, that is, you can remove it or keep it according to your desire and need

Yes, types of packaging (thick packaging / reinforced thick packaging / advanced packaging) The fees for each type of packaging vary according to the package

The choice of packaging is made by the customer during the creation of the package, as the appropriate packaging for the product appears, and you can also choose the type of packaging that is appropriate for you

It is not possible, because the Saudi warehouse line is for Saudi Arabia and Saudi cities only

Payment on receipt is only activated via SMSA, and orders are charged twice per month

Your shipments are received at the warehouse, you can send them to us through you

Product compression service is currently not available in the Saudi warehouse

It is true that you can do that in the Saudi warehouse only and after booking an appointment to receive your shipments, and with regard to China warehouse, this is not possible, as it is possible to request to ship it internally by attaching the full address of the destination to which you want to ship.

The pick-up service is not available from the factories, but you can add and send them to your Chinese address on your profile and the factory ships your goods on the warehouse.

We do not have a warehouse in Riyadh

True, you can order from Ali Express with your Chinese address attached in the entire control panel to have your shipments sent to the China warehouse

Yes, you can buy from several suppliers with your address inside our entire warehouse in China attached with your MC_code

This can be done via the sea shipping line.

Yes, you can communicate via e-mail and send all data in full

[email protected]

Yes, you can ship to Amazon warehouses.

To know the status of your shipment, follow the details of the shipment through your control panel on MyCN, by selecting shipments from the side menu and then clicking on the shipment details, and you will see the shipment status and tracking number with a notification arriving to you as soon as the tracking number is issued

After you have purchased the product from Chinese websites, whether using the personal shopper service or by yourself, as soon as the shipment arrives at your warehouse in China, you can submit a request to prepare the parcel to be prepared for shipment to your address by following the steps shown in the following blog link blogs/How-to-create-a-parcel-to-ship-your-products.

You can request a product inspection through your control panel through the Shipping and storage section - Shipments page (Request for inspection of shipments)

It should be noted that the costs of product inspection vary according to the type of package and the type of examination: the free package - the examination fee is $3, the golden package - the examination fee is $1.5, the merchant package - the inspection fee is free

The delay is beyond our control and there are many reasons, including:

1. Customs laws and procedures in the countries of the sender or the countries of the recipient

2. Delays caused by the procedures for transportation, examination or seizure of goods by any governmental authority

3. The parcel information or customer address is incomplete or incorrect

Note that the period shown in the price calculator is an approximate period and is not real, i.e. it may be delayed more than the indicated period and may arrive before the end of the period

Because some shipping companies refuse to ship it and depend on the customs and laws of each country

For more details, please visit the Prohibited Shipments page

Yes, you can edit your shipping address.

The shipping cost varies according to the type of package and the shipping lines available for the package and its services

You can calculate the estimated shipping cost through the price calculator from here

Knowing that the cost is calculated based on the higher weight between the volumetric weight and the actual weight, according to the following equation "length * width * height" /1000000 and the output is in cbm

The shipping cost varies according to the type of package and the shipping lines available for the package and its services to calculate the estimated shipping cost. You can estimate it by calculating the shipping through the price calculator from here, knowing that the cost is calculated based on the higher weight between volumetric and verb

And you can calculate the volumetric weight of air freight by the following formula "length * width * height" / 5000 and the result is in kilo units

Yes, it requires the presence of a label made in China on all parts and it is added by us in case the supplier did not add it to you at a cost of $ 0.1 per piece.

To find out the terms of use from here

To find out the shipping terms for each line from here

To compare packages and get to know the advantages of each package from here

Yes, you can track the location of the parcel through the tracking link in the parcels section under the name Parcels in Shipment.

You can find out the approximate shipping time for each shipping line with the approximate shipping rates through the price calculator

The result of calculating the cost appears based on the customer’s input, but the cost is calculated in air freight according to the higher weight between actual and volumetric, and in sea freight according to CPM

The cost of a label made in China is 0.1 cent (dollar) and is placed on all products, and the label can be requested through the supplier

A Made in China label is placed on each item (product) and not on the box

The products are grouped inside the parcel if the products are of the same classification.

It is not possible, because the official holidays in China are a vacation for the China Warehouse team

You can find out the approximate shipping time for each line through the price calculator page

Shipping via Aramex, DHL and Fedex does not include customs clearance and requires customer clearance.

Because the line can comprehensive customs clearance and delivery to the address.

Freight prices, especially sea freight rates in recent times, are unstable and unstable. Prices will also rise in the coming period, and this will be on a global level due to several reasons, including:

Shipping companies stopping more than 50% of container ships to reduce operating expenses on them

Many empty containers have been disabled at ports during the Corona pandemic

Arranging container business in ports that exceeds the real value of containers, which led to the disruption of many containers through shipping companies

Container leasing rates increased by more than 75%

The increase in the prices of new containers by more than 100% to increase the demand for their purchase to compensate for the shortage in the market

High prevention measures in transportation between countries have increased costs

Zip Code: 528011

You can find out the local shipping rates within China through our price calculator:

Not available, you can contact our technical support department through direct chat in your personal account

Prices are fixed, but what distinguishes the paid packages is that they contain shipping lines that include customs clearance

It can't, because sea freight depends on CBM

It should be noted that 1CBM must be complete and not indivisible

No, the subscription fee for the package is separate from the shipping fee for your products

True, you can do that by ordering internal shipping in China

The Personal Shopper is a service we provide to facilitate shopping and buying from the Chinese websites of Chinese Alibaba (1688), Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba Global.

You can create an order by following the steps in the following link

Yes, you can order any quantity you want.

Yes, there is a commission for the personal shopper in the Dahabiya package, and it is according to the total Purchases, and it is as follows:

From 0 - 500 $ (it is 15%)

$ 500 - 1000 (being 10%)

$ 1000 or more (5%)

The fee for the free package is 20%

The fee for the Trader package is 3%

We only buy the product and make sure of its safety, and we do not guarantee the quality for you, bearing in mind that the quality of the products is considered good and above good.

The service of agreement with the factories is not currently available, where you can agree with the factories to manufacture as you want and attach them to our warehouse address in China so that your goods will be received, collected in a parcel and shipped to your address.

This service is not currently available, you can buy through Taobao, The Mall, and Alibaba, China (1688)

1. New orders are those that have not been purchased because they have some notes or the products have not been paid for

2. Canceled orders are orders that have been canceled by the customer for some reasons

3. Purchased orders are orders delivered to warehouse

1. The order can be canceled in the Personal Shopper as long as it is being prepared and the cost is returned to the customer's account.

2. If the status of the order was purchased, the order cannot be canceled, and a return request for shipments can be raised when it arrives at the China warehouse.

3. There is a box during the creation of the order called (Order Notes). Any note for the products can be added.

This is not possible, it must arrive in the China warehouse to be registered in our system and then it is possible to request an internal shipment, i.e. inside China

In the event that the products are damaged, the allowed return period after the approval of the supplier is within seven days only after that the products are not returned.

It is not possible, because the personal shopper service is only an intermediary between the customer and the Chinese stores

No, once the purchase is completed, your products are shipped to your address inside our warehouse in China, after that you create a parcel from your control panel and choose the appropriate shipping line, knowing that we provide you with smr lines that include customs clearance and delivery to your address and are available for the merchant package and the golden package.

All you need is a monthly or annual subscription to the merchant package, and we don't have any commission on your sales.

Yes, an integrated store that includes all services and you can benefit from them through your control panel

Shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the order

Local shipping companies: World of Universe, Aramex, Zajil, e-Jack, customer-specific company

There are different payment methods available: mada, mastercard, visa

Through bank transfers by adding a balance withdrawal request.

You can ship them to your address.

You do not need to have a commercial registry when creating your online store

Yes, it supports, and you can activate it through your control panel

Yes, and you can benefit from it through your control panel

You can contact the technical support team via "live chat" located in your profile - at the bottom left of the page.

Validity period of subscription to the package:

Starting from activating the subscription in the package until the end date of the subscription in the monthly / annual package, and when your subscription to the package ends without renewing your subscription will be transferred to the free package.

Alert period before the package expires:

You will be notified to renew the package 3 days prior to the expiry date of the package subscription.

Store suspension period until subscription renewal:

when the package expires, your subscription will be automatically transferred to the free package with an alert in your control panel (sorry, please renew the package to a merchant package to be able to enjoy the benefits and features of the store)

After subscribing to the (merchant) package, the store will be activated directly

Yes, you will be notified to renew the package 3 days before the expiry date of the package subscription

When you create your store and amend its information, you need to add at least a product or at least one introductory page, such as the "About Us" page, after which all the modifications that are made through you are approved

Yes, you can do that by entering social media links on your store

MyCN Ambassador service is a commission marketing service for MyCN services, where anyone can benefit from the service by obtaining a special registration link for each person to register their clients with to calculate a commission on each subscription that the person achieves to MyCN

To subscribe to the mycn ambassador service from the side menu in your profile there is a section "mycn ambassador". Click on it. A link will appear for you. Copy and publish it. Any new subscription that comes through your link gets a 20% commission and all the details are clarified in your profile.

You get 20% of the value of the paid packages for any subscription that comes through your link

The new subscriber will get a credit of 5% of the value of the paid package.

Yes, you can do that through your control panel from the side menu "Finance Department" and then by clicking on the balance withdrawal box and setting the amount to be withdrawn to your bank account, knowing that the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $100

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