MYCN Company

It was established in the southern China city of Shenzhen (Shenzhen), famous in New York, China, and the world's computer capital in late 2013 by a youth group specializing in marketing and e-sales operations.

Our goal is to make the shopping experience of China as easy as possible, so that we provide the lost link between the buyer outside China and the shopper from China,
We also offer many facilities for e-commerce and shipping from China to all the countries of the world.

We are on a mission to simplify shopping and import from China, so we open up new horizons for shopping and e-commerce.

The podium

Our goal is to make the shopping and trading experience of China as easy as possible.
Online shopping has become the easiest, cheapest, and safest way to improve security and safety, so in late 2013 we launched the MYCN platform from which you can simply shop from China online from various electronic stores and then assemble shipments in Warehouses, mycn as well as enable you to supervise them from the arrival to the warehouse to get them in your hands.

Our team at MYCN strives to continually improve your experience, we have committed ourselves to providing a professional working environment for continuous development, whether by optimizing the Web application or shipping and receiving your shipments, professional work in warehouses and ensuring that they are delivered safely to you. We will be of assistance to you in every practical step in mycn.

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Registered company name: Modern Model Trading Company

Saudi Commercial Registration Number: 4031198494