Working times in MyCN

.Moday – Friday , 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (time in China)

Receipt of shipments

All days of the week, we record them during working days.

Shipping packages

Monday and Thursday of each week, is the date of shiping .
We offer express shipping service and allow to deliver the packages to the shipping company on the same day.

Official Holidays

The official holidays differ in China, due to the existence of some holidays that follow the Chinese calendar, and the following are the most common holidays:

New Year's holiday, extended over 3 days .

Spring Festival vacation ,(Chinese New Year), which lasts for two weeks, usually takes place in January or February of the year calendar.

Labor Day vacation, starting from 29 April (4) to 1 May (5) of each year.

Dragon Boat Festival, which runs for 3 days and is as usual in mid June (6) of each year.

The Autumn Festival, which runs for 3 days, begins on 22 September (9) to 24 September (9) of each year.

The Chinese National Day, which runs on a week-long basis, starts from October 1, October 10 to October 10 each year.

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