We are on a mission to simplify shopping, shipping and import from China, so that we open up new prospects for shopping and trade from PRC


In the Middle East and North Africa, the buyer of Chinese stores faces difficulties in obtaining his goods, and the complexity becomes more complicated when the goods are commercial, We sum up those difficulties by the following:

high shipping costs , where shipping directly by the shipping companies is very expensive.

Difficult to store and collect goods from more than one store. The store will ship the goods after purchasing them directly to the specified address.

Difficult to check goods before shipping it from China to the buyer, which may cause money and time waste.

Big goods like furniture need to be shipped by the sea, which is not available with stores.

Commercial shipments , which needs to be collected, processed and cleared, requires the travel of the buyer or giving agency for someone to carrying it out, except for the search in China for the person who manages it

The Chinese National Day, which runs on a week-long basis, starts from October 1, October 10 to October 10 each year


At MyCN we aim to offer a group of solutions and services that make it easier for the buyer from China to get their goods at the lowest possible cost and the best quality. We also strive to provide services that simplify and facilitate the extraction of official papers. Of goods easily and speed up the completion of official matters br /> Our vision is to allow those who wish to shop or import from China to have the best services that make the process safe, fast, without delays and problems, and to facilitate the shipment of its goods to any place in the world at a lower cost without a higher ceiling quantity through smart collection and storage services, .

The Solution

To achieve our goal and vision at MyCN, we have studied the market, investigated problems and looked for the best solutions that can be provided to the customer from outside China.

provide an address and a repository for the buyer in China

Providing the necessary services to obtain the best quality, such as checking the goods, checking the quantities, and in case of non-conformity with the required, it will be returned to the seller- if the buyer wishes -.

Assembling the goods in one or more packages with precision and proper arrangement, which reduces the weight of the actual package or its volumetric weight

Providing many air and sea shipping solutions, and providing many shipping companies to allow the buyer to choose the most appropriate one .

Building an online exhibition - Personal shopper service – make it easier to access The goods and the purchase from Chinese stores through multiple payment methods

Why MyCN ?

At MyCN, we always strive to improve our products, add new features and launch new products. Our vision is that there is no recession. Our team is always looking for everything that benefits the buyer from China to make it available through an integrated system of products. Stages and next steps :

Expanding the services provided by MyCN Shipping, such as shipment checking and HD video recording, product photography and providing custom images for electronic stores.

Hiring more shipping companies and Make more countries available that support shipping.

Improve the shipping service and provide more advantages to it.

At MyCN, we aim to launch a new product targeted at dealers and distributors, and those who need to ship in very large quantities.

We seek to introduce knowledge through videos about China and the shipping from it, as well as explain it's stores, markets and purchasing mechanism

For inquiries, investment and communication

For more information about MyCN, investment, agency request, or communicating , you can contact us at:

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Registered company name: Modern Model Trading Company

Saudi Commercial Registration Number: 4031198494

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