Welcome to MyCN We hope you enjoy our services. Here you will find the usage agreement, which must be approved to complete your registration. We hope you will fully read and print it and then save it in a place that is easy to refer to in case you need it. MyCN will provide it's customers with a real, unanticipated address for use in China under the following conditions:


By clicking "OK" Or when you register with MyCN ,that means you have signed an agreement with MyCN, which is a prerequisite for registration in one of our products, otherwise you will not be able to register and benefit from any one.


Mycn has the full rights to cancel any shippments or shipping line at any time in the event that the shipping method conflicts with the laws of customs or shipping companies or any governmental or navigational source, and that for the benefit of all .

MyCN can only give back the amount paid by the customer For shipping charges only & There is no compensation.


It is allowed to create an account with MyCN , You must use correct and complete data, including your e-mail address, your real name, the coordinates of the housing (street, area or neighborhood, city, state, where the resident country must be located in you must Update it as soon as if it is changed without delay, In order to avoid any effect on any service provided by us, MyCN has the right to disable any account that feels false or incomplete. This will affect all account features. MyCN may also disable any account if there's a problem, Damage, or any reason that the Project Management deems sufficient to disable the account.

Registration Terms

Must be at least 18 years of age.

It's not allowed to use any product or it's related services to harm the public interest or the company.

The products purchased are the responsibility of the account holder (to whom we have registered) and any problems or damage caused by them will be borne by the said part.

Privacy and security

You agree to ensure that your account password is protected and kept confidential and not given to anyone or placed in any suspected location. Where the Use of your account is your own responsibility. If there is any confusion or feeling that the password has been detected, please reset it immediately. , Then notify us in order to avoid any damage to your account, and we will do our part to secure your account and take appropriate action.

Protect privacy

To provide you with a complete experience, MyCN needs some basic information, eg. your full name, address, phone number and e-mail. The site also saves and tracks your cookies, IP, and other matters related to the services provided by MyCN This helps us to protect accounts and track suspicious transactions. We do not share this information with third parties except for what is required to complete transactions, for example: e-payment portals, Google services, and so on.

Buying products from Chinese markets

We do not guarantee the quality of the goods that you purchase yourself. The purchase process is between you and the seller, the site or the company from which you are purchasing. We ensure the receipt of the shipment only, but in the personal shopper service we ensure the same specifications that exist in the personal shopper site and protect you from any change, and that you return the product to the seller and refund the full amount to your personal shopper account balance.

We also ensure that it is stored in accordance with the agreed controls and the agreed period, and that they are reassembled and sent at your request.

The condition of the product before it reaches us or after it is sent by the shipping company is not our responsibility, but the responsibilities of the seller and the shipping company respectively

When you purchase a product, it is your responsibility to provide the seller with the correct address that includes your company address, name and unique code of your account. Any lack of those information may expose the shipment to delay or loss. In this case, MyCN assumes no responsibility for the shipment direction.

Receiving your shipments at MyCN repositories

MyCN assumes no responsibility for what you purchase. Any product you purchase is your responsibility. If MyCN notices that the product is in prohibited products, you will be notified of that to do the required within one week of receiving the shipment. In case of delay,the shipment will be destroyed. For more detailed information please check the rejected shipments page.

Please note that any non-value mail, such as letters and correspondence, cannot be accepted as it is not a MyCN activity and any mail of this type will be destroyed and can not be transferred or shipped.

Storage in MyCN repositories

MyCN will store the shipments for free according to the duration of the account subscription. After the expiry of the period, you will be charged for a storage fee (the value varies according to the subscription) on each shipment for which the period has expired. MyCN can store the shipments for up to 30 days after the expiration of the free storage period or leave Account, and if no response or take any action towards it will be considered a consignment abandoned and destroyed.

When a shipment does not have the customer's name or unique code for our account, where some shipments arrive and there is missing information for the client account, it will be treated as a missing shipment and will be held for only two weeks and then destroyed. If you do not receive notice of your shipment within 48 hours from the date of receipt, you must inform us through the special section within the account statement. Our team will search for a shipment with the same data as you provide to us in our warehouse, If the shipment is found, it will be recorded in the account.


At MyCN we rely on a third party to provide international / local shipping service, our partners update the expiry data within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of routine working days, and may extend up to 72 hours on peak days.

When receiving the package and having any problem with its contents, contact the shipping company. MyCN does not ship or deliver any product with defects or problems to it's shipping partners except upon request from the customer. In the case of loss of the package, please contact us and we will take the required action, for more details please see the compensation clause.

MyCN partners depend on both the actual Volumetric weight and the actual weight of the package for shipping , whichever is the higher. We also note that the weight of the package may vary during the selection of shipments to be collected and the actual weight when processing the package, so shipping charges may vary during this stage. Any additional charges, for example, taxes, customs and returns, are the responsibility of the customer. In some cases, when the package is returned by the shipping company either because of a prohibited consignment or any other order, the customer will be charged again for MyCN warehouses.

The shipping fee does not include any additional charges, but the value of the charges shipped from the company's headquarters to the customer's address, in addition to the profit margin of MyCN and the shipping company. Shipping charges are calculated based on the approximate weight of the package to the nearest integer.


If the shipments is lost , MyCN will assist the customer in submitting a claim to the shipping company. In the event of a claim, the amount paid will be based on either the weight of the package or the percentage of the value declared by the shipping company.

The customer is not compensated in case of natural disasters.

When shipping with Aramex, the customer is compensated for lost shipments, as stated in the shipping invoice after confirmation of the advertised prices of the shipment through Aramex as well as shipping charges.

Shipping by China Air and Sea Postage The customer for the value of the lost shipment at the value of the shipping invoice as two or three times the maximum payment in addition to the shipping charges.

When Shipping on MyCN Line of all kinds The customer is compensated for the value of the lost shipments according to the value stated by the bill of lading only twice.

In the event package loss, we must be notified through the ticket section under the shipping section, not later than 10 days and not later than 30 days from the date of shipment.

In the event that the items are damaged in a parcel received or a single object is lost within the parcel received, we must be notified through our ticket section under the shipping section within two days of receiving the parcel only.

If we cannot confirm the loss or damage with the shipping company, we will request other evidence such as photographs for the damaged purposes, and any other documents to prove the claim. The damage to the product box only without damage to the product itself is not covered by compensation.

If the package is received by the customer and has an actual or volumetric weight error, please inform us and attach the image to the dimensions of the box and the evidence thereof, to be reviewed in the event of an error and compensation to the customer at the appropriate value with the balance of his account in MyCN.


Subscription fees and service charges for example: inspection, packaging, etc., the shipping charges after the issuance of the tracking number by the shipping company can not be returned. If you request a return of the package and cancel the shipment before the tracking number is issued, the fee will be returned as a balance in the MyCN customer account.

The withdrawal of MyCN and personal shopper credit (except coupons, gifts, etc.) is made available to the customer according to the following conditions:

Non-refundable fixed fee of SR 30.

Fees or costs of transfer, and the value is varying due to what the Bank estimates and is informed by the customer.

The amount is returned within 10 to 15 working days, and the process may take longer depending on the destination and the country.

The withdrawal of the balance is available for the same account sent from it, or an account belonging to the same bank / country from which it is sent, and in MyCN we refuse to forward the withdrawn credit to any accounts not mentioned.

Personal Shopper

The personal shopper purchases the product only and has nothing to do with international shipping, storage, etc.

Products purchased through the service are shipped to MyCN repositories and are recorded under the customer's account.

The customer must follow up on his / her requests and make sure that they all arrive before ordering.

The customer is responsible for purchasing any product in the personal shopper where the service offers brokerage only and has nothing to do with the type, shape of the product, whether it is available or prohibited. Please check the prohibited shipments. If you are concerned about a product, please let us know Adequate assistance.

MyCN reserves the right, at any time and from time to time, to modify or modify these Terms of Service without prior notice to you, provided such modifications constitute a material change to these Terms of Service, MyCN will notify you. Post an ad on the site. The amendments will take effect immediately upon posting. By continuing to access or use the Services after making any modifications, you agree to be bound by the modified Terms of Service. For this reason, we encourage you to review our Terms of Use when you use the Services. If you do not agree to any change to these Terms of Use, you must stop using the Services immediately.

Published and amended: 1 September (9) 2018.

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