What is the affiliate marketing service

Ambassador Service is an affiliate marketing service for MyCN services (Shipping, Personal Shopper, E-commerce). The concept of commission marketing is: a marketing system based on the exchange of benefit between the owner of the good, service or offer on the one hand, and the publisher or affiliate marketer on the other hand.

This service works on marketing products and services that already exist in the market, and that has demand and popularity among customers, and then profits are made through it.

Affiliate marketing is a real treasure for every young man seeking to change his life for the better. He has gained great fame due to the ease of entry into it without the need to own capital.

We seek, through the MyCN Ambassador service, to open new horizons for Arab youth to increase their income and create job opportunities for them to change their lives for the better. Professional marketers or anyone who has good marketing skills and have many followers can benefit from the service by obtaining a registration link for each marketer so that his customers can be registered. Using it to calculate a commission on every activity or sales that the marketer achieves for MyCN.