Explosive materials
Fireworks, explosives, air bags, explosive chemicals.
Biological materials
Rotting food, human waste, living and dead organisms, toxic substances.
Alcohols and drugs
All kinds of alcohol, narcotic drugs, tobacco and cigarettes, and any substances that contain alcohol or narcotic substances
Weapons and Military Techniques
Weapons of all kinds, parts of weapons, electroshock devices, swords, pepper spray, replica games for weapons, firearms and ammunition, drone, explosive weapons
Espionage tools and techniques
Tracking devices of all kinds, GPS, hidden recording devices (such as microphones and cameras), laser pens and the like, any products that contain a camera, signal reception, laser pointer.
Flammable materials
Nail polish, hair spray, electronic cigarettes with or without tobacco, incense sticks, lighter, gas tubes, powder or powder
Medicines and drugs
Steroids of all kinds, vitamins, some sports drinks, medicines that do not have the necessary papers to ship them.
Currency and legal documents
Currency, checks, personal papers (civil card, passport), official papers, magazines and books of all kinds.
Articles violating local regulations
Pornography in all its forms, sex tools and games, materials that violate the laws and regulations of the state.
Liquid substances
Perfumes, oils, smoke oils, and any other products containing liquid substances.
Other products
Wireless radios, products with religious content or containing religious symbols, divine and sacred books, CDs.
Exceptional products
Products that can be shipped in special cases and it is necessary to contact technical support to complete the process (power bank, solar products, mobile phone, computer)