Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions define the controls for using the (MyCN) website, as your use of this site is a complete acceptance of all of these terms and conditions, and if you do not agree to them or any part of them, you must refrain from using our website.

These terms and conditions are considered an agreement between the subscribers of the site on the one hand and between the site "My CN" on the other side. Therefore, all provisions of this agreement must be adhered to so that the violator is not subjected to legal liability, and he shall be committed to compensation for damages arising from the violation.

Description of the site or platform

"MyCN is a website owned by the Modern Model Trading Company registered in the Saudi market under commercial license number: 4031198494. Its primary mission is to provide electronic support tools for the subscriber (the merchant) to be able to establish an online store, as the website's commitment under this agreement is Just create the merchant's online store with the "MyCn" electronic platform, and place the store in front of users.

  • Mycn has full rights to cancel any shipment or shipping line at any time in the event that the shipping method conflicts with customs laws, carriers, or any government or shipping source, for the benefit of everyone .. Only MYCN can recover the amount paid by the customer for shipping fees. Only ... and there is no compensation.
  • The "MyCN" platform may provide other services to the merchant or the store, such as marketing support services or guidance and counseling services, as well as electronic payment gateways through the Internet, storage services in Saudi and Chinese warehouses, as well as shipping and import services from China and all My CN services Subject to these terms and conditions.
  • The "MyCN" platform may temporarily provide some free services that allow merchants to ship and order from China with terms and conditions for the free package as shown on the package comparison page for some stores.
  • The "My CN" platform is not committed to completing the sale of products or services between the consumer and the store, as its commitment ends to providing services to create the online store through the platform, and this does not harm other services that the platform continues to provide, such as guidance, technical support, marketing, payment methods, storage and shipping services. In Saudi Arabia and China.
The meanings of some terms mentioned in the terms of this agreement
  • MyCN: It is a term that includes all forms of the Modern Model Trading Company on the Internet, whether it is an electronic application, a website, or an electronic platform.
  • Merchant: This phrase means every merchant who registers on the MyCn platform to set up his online store or use other services in MyCn, whether he is a natural or legal person, and this definition includes all aspects of the store as long as he conducts his trade through the MyCn platform, and includes That's the merchant's website.
  • Store: this term means the store used by the merchant in the MyCN electronic platform.
  • Consumer: This term means every customer or user of the site who buys the product or service from the merchant, through the online merchant store that he established through the MyCn platform.
  • Agreement: This phrase means the rules, terms and conditions for using the MyCN electronic platform, meaning all the terms and conditions of this agreement, which govern and regulate the relationship between the parties to this agreement.
  • Service providers: By this phrase, we mean the services that the MyCN platform provides to merchants through third parties, and it is intended to provide services, that is, to simply provide a link between the merchant and the service provider, as there is no authority and no relationship to the MyCN platform with the agreement concluded between the merchant and the service provider.
Dealer Eligibility
  • The merchant acknowledges his legal capacity to contract and conclude legal actions, and declares that his age is at least eighteen years, as is considered in the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that he is fully aware of the establishment, establishment and management of his online store through the MyCn platform.
  • It is permissible for a merchant to practice trade if he is less than the age of majority considered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (eighteen years). It necessitated.
  • In the event that the merchant registers as an institution or company, or any other legal form, this institution, company, or legal form registered through it must have the legal, statutory and legal capacity necessary to carry out business through the MyCn electronic platform.
Register and subscribe to the site

Upon submitting the application to join the MyCN platform membership or the request to establish the online store, you will be required to disclose specific information and choose a secret user name and password to be used when logging into the MyCN platform services, and after activating your account, you will become a user of the MyCn platform services, thus You have agreed to the following:

  • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password, and you agree to inform the MyCN platform immediately of any unauthorized use of your account information with the “MyCN” platform or any other breach of your confidential information.
  • You are obligated to use your online store yourself, as you are fully responsible for it, and if someone else uses it, this means that you have authorized him to use the store in your name and for your account, unless the store informs MyCN management to the contrary.
  • When using the "MyCN" platform, you are obligated to use it with all seriousness and credibility, and to abide by the rules and provisions of the usage agreement, and to adhere to the legal and legal controls in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you are obligated to compensate the "My CN" platform for any direct or indirect losses. You may join the MyCN platform as a result of any illegal, unrealistic or unauthorized use of your account by you or by any other person who obtained the keys to access your account on the platform, whether it was for the completion of services using a username and password or as a result of your negligence to maintain the confidentiality of the username And password, whether with or without authorization.
  • You are obligated to disclose true, correct, updated, complete and legal information about yourself as required during registration with the MyCn platform, and you are obligated to update your data in the event that it is changed in reality or in the event that it is needed.
  • That you do not include in your username any of your contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, or any personal details, or any phrase indicating a personal or commercial relationship between you and the MyCN platform or its employees or owners.
Storage in MyCN repositories

MyCN will store the shipments according to the period and the cost of the account subscription, after the expiration of the free storage period for the shipment or parcel and the end of the subscription to one of the packages, whether the merchant or gold package, there will be a period of 3 free days after the end of the subscription. There will be no extra storage fees on shipments, and you have to upgrade the package During this period, or shipments and parcels are destroyed.

Please note that the maximum weight of a single shipment, whether volumetric or actual, that can be stored in the warehouse is 25 kg.

Upon the arrival of a shipment that does not bear the name of the customer or the identification code of his account with us, as it happens that some shipments arrive and lose the information on the customer’s account, they will be dealt with as a lost shipment, and it will be kept for two weeks only and then destroyed, if you do not receive a notification from us of the arrival of your shipment during 48 hours from the date of receiving it, you must inform us by sending the tracking number of the shipment through the special section in your control panel, and our team will search for a shipment with the same data that you provide to us within our warehouse and in case it is identified / found it will be recorded within The account.


At MyCN, we rely on a third party to provide international / domestic shipping service. Our partners update the parcel data within 24 - 48 hours of receiving it on routine business days, and it may extend up to 72 hours on peak days.

Upon receiving the parcel and having any problem with one of its contents, you must contact the shipping company, as MyCN does not ship or deliver any product that has defects or problems to its shipping partners without a request submitted by the customer. In case the parcel is lost, please contact us and we will do what is necessary. For more details, please see the terms of shipping companies page.

MyCN's shipping partners depend on both the actual and volumetric weight of the parcel, whichever is higher, and we note that the weight of the parcel may vary during the selection of the shipments to be assembled and the real weight when preparing the parcel, and therefore the shipping fees may differ during this stage. And any additional fees, for example: taxes, customs and returns, are the responsibility of the customer, as in some cases when the parcel is returned by the shipping company, either due to the presence of a prohibited shipment or any other matter, the customer will bear the fees of shipping it back to MyCN warehouses.

Shipping fees may include other fees such as internal transportation, fuel fees or tax depending on the type of line, but the value of the fees for shipping from the company's headquarters to the address of the customer, in addition to the profit margin for both MyCN and the shipping company, and the shipping fees are calculated based on the approximation of the weight of the parcel to the nearest whole number According to the international laws in force.

There are fees for returning the shipment estimated at 3 dollars depending on the type of package, in addition to the internal shipping fees that are determined after the return.

For more details, please see the terms of shipping companies page.

Personal shopper
  • The personal shopper purchases the product only and has no relationship with international shipping, storage, etc.
  • Products purchased through the service are shipped to MyCN warehouses and registered with the customer's account.
  • The customer must follow up his requests and make sure that all of them have been received, before ordering shipment.
  • The customer is responsible for the purchase of any product in the personal shopper, where the service provides purchase mediation only and has nothing to do with the type, shape of the product, and an examination can be requested to ensure the safety of the product or whether it is available or prohibited, as please see the prohibited shipments, and in case of concern About a product, please inform us and we will provide adequate assistance.
Controls for creating an online store
  • The store that was established through the "My CN" platform must not be in violation of the laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the merchant is obligated to clarify the nature of the business through which he conducts e-commerce, and what services or products he provides or sells.
  • The merchant declares that the shop in which the dealing is directed in the store does not violate this agreement and does not violate the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • No person has the right to use the "MyCN" platform if his membership or store is canceled by the platform or according to orders or court rulings.
  • All stores and merchants must adhere to all applicable laws to regulate commerce over the Internet, as well as adhere to the information crime system, the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the electronic transaction system and the electronic commerce system.
  • The merchant acknowledges that, before registering on the "My CN" electronic platform, he has verified the availability of all procedures and requirements required by the official authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has fulfilled all these procedures and requirements for practicing his activity in the store.
  • In the event that the merchant applying to join and establish the store is an individual trader, a "natural person", then he is also obligated to verify the conditions required by the official authorities and provide them according to the nature of the individual merchant's activity, as the individual trader acknowledges that he is committed to these conditions and is obligated to provide and supply them, and the merchant is also obligated The individual provides his national identity number and other necessary information and documents requested by the "My CN" platform.
  • In the event that the merchant applying to join and establish his store represents a commercial establishment, company, charitable institution, or legal entity, then the MyCN platform must be provided with all information and supporting documents, such as the commercial registry and any other store documents required by the MyCn platform for registration and for proof of legal personality Own store.
Merchant's obligations
  • The merchant undertakes to abide by all laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding his products or while using the MyCn platform, as well as the laws, terms and conditions in force and regulating the use of the Internet space, the usage agreement, the privacy policy and the confidentiality of information in force on the MyCn platform.
  • In the event that any of the merchants violates what is stated in these terms, he acknowledges the right of the MyCn platform to take any of the following measures, which are, for example, but not limited to: alerting, stopping the service and closing the store, returning any amounts suspended in electronic payments to consumers.
  • The merchant agrees to assume responsibility and protect the "MyCN" platform or its employees, owners, or subsidiaries from any damage that may occur on the "MyCn" platform as a result of the merchant's violations, and is committed to removing any damage or preventing any damage that may be caused to the MyC platform. That or its employees or one of them as a result of claims, losses, malfunctions, costs, expenses, or fees resulting from misuse of the merchant or misuse of the user, and this resulted in a breach of the usage agreement or laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or an infringement of the rights of a merchant or third parties or A complaint from a user or a third party.
  • The merchant shall, when dealing with the consumer, be committed to honesty, honesty and integrity.
  • When dealing with the consumer, the merchant is bound to adhere to good morals.
  • Merchants are obligated not to violate any of the provisions of the Saudi Information Crime Law, and in the event that they violate the provisions of the Saudi Information Crime Law, this is subject to their purely responsibility and management, and there is no liability on the MyCan platform as a result of the store's violation of the regulations in force, as the trader is responsible About his store and for his dealings with consumers fully responsibility, and the "My CN" platform always has the right to take what it deems appropriate for any store or merchant that violates the provisions of the Saudi Information Crime Law, whether by informing the official authorities or simply closing the online store or canceling the merchant’s membership with Platform.
  • The merchant is obligated to provide invoices, receipt vouchers and receipt vouchers for all the sums and profits that arise in his store, and he is obligated to indicate in all these invoices the type of goods or service and their quantities, descriptions and value, and accordingly, the merchant is obligated to provide the required accounting specifications in his online store, in implementation of the provisions of this agreement, and when This regulation is from the legal, economic and commercial interests of the merchants, and in the event that the merchant violates the provisions of this clause, he shall be held responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of this violation.
  • The merchant is obligated to set the exchange and return policy that pertains to his store alone, and he must also adhere to the provisions of the e-commerce system and other applicable regulations related to warranty or electronic commerce.
  • The merchant in the MyCn platform shall not allow the advertisement or publication of any content that violates the privacy policy and the confidentiality of information or the rules and provisions of this usage agreement on the MyCN platform.
  • The merchant is obligated not to place what indicates in his store any direct or indirect relationship between the store and the "My CN" platform or its management or its owners or its employees, as the "My CN" platform has no relationship with what he does in his store and it is not responsible for His store activity.
  • The merchant agrees on the MyCn platform to communicate with him via e-mail, or through the platform’s management to broadcast public messages to all users or to specific users upon accessing their accounts within the platform, and the merchant agrees on the platform that all agreements and advertisements The data and other communications that you provide electronically replace their written equivalents, and it is a stand-alone argument in meeting legal needs.
Consumer Rights and Instructions

During the completion of the purchases, the consumer provides the MyCN platform with the following information, including but not limited to: name - email - phone.

In the interest of the "MyCN" platform on the rights of consumers, although the consumer is not a party to this agreement, and in order to achieve one of the most important objectives of the platform to provide a high-quality service for all, and in order to ensure that consumers receive all their purchases properly, the "MyCN" platform She explains to the following store:

  • In the event that the consumer has purchased goods using one of the payment methods available on the "MyCn" platform, and has not received his goods or received goods that differ from the specifications presented on the store page, then the consumer shall have the right to inform the MyCN platform and the MyCn platform. "The right to take what it deems appropriate with regard to the store that violated the rules of this agreement, in accordance with the rules of this agreement. However, the MyCN platform is not legally or legally responsible for this breach by the merchant vis-à-vis the consumer, as it is not a party in the relationship between the consumer and the merchant, but it does so for the sake of improving the quality of the MyCan platform and the merchants present on the platform.
  • For the consumer to review his purchases before receiving to ensure that they are correct and in conformity with what was purchased, as the MyCN platform is not responsible for the relationship between the consumer and the merchant.
  • The "MyCN" platform is in no way obligated, according to this clause, to take a reaction to a consumer complaint. Rather, the platform's reaction to a consumer complaint is subject to the sole desire of the "MyCN" platform and according to what the platform deems appropriate, in accordance with the rules of this agreement. In a way that preserves its commercial and economic interest and reputation, and in any case, the MyCan platform may take some measures against stores that deliberately deceive, shade, or deceive the consumer, such as: freezing the store's membership or drawing the store's attention to not repeating this matter or forcing the store to compensate the consumer This is based on the desire of the MyCN platform to preserve and protect the rights of all its users and registrars.
Strategic and logistical services (third-party services)
  • According to the rules and provisions of this agreement, the "My CN" platform may provide some strategic or logistical services through a third party, and these services may be, for example, but not limited to: the services of shipping companies and the delivery of products and goods.
  • The "MyCN" platform informs you that its provision of strategic or logistical services is nothing but a facilitation and cooperation from it and to assist the users of the MasseyN platform.
  • The MyCN platform informs you that the request for this service is not mandatory, but this matter is due to the desire and need of the user. The merchant and between the third party.
  • Some strategic and logistical service providers set their own requirements or costs of their own, and the MyCNI platform does not have authority over these requirements or these costs. Therefore, the MyCN platform advises its registered merchants to review the terms of the service provider (the party) III) and the costs of his services before the service request is confirmed
  • In the event that the user submits a request for a service provided by a (third party), the user in this manner authorizes the MyCN platform and grants it permission to provide the service provider (the third party) with the personal user data that he requests, and other data that the service provider (the third party) needs. ), And this is in accordance with the rules and provisions of the privacy policy and confidentiality of information applicable to the MyCan platform.
  • Some services provided by (third parties) on the MyCN platform that the merchant benefit from through policies issued by agreement between the service provider and the MyCn platform, so their use is through the MyCn platform, and the MyCn platform may deduct some costs from them in implementation of the agreement between The MyCn platform and the service provider (third parties), and the MyCn platform does not bear any responsibility resulting from the service provider’s failure to provide his services.
المسؤولية القانونية
  • إن جميع التعاملات التي تتم بين التاجر ومزودي الخدمات ( خدمات الطرف الثالث ) الذين توفر منصة ماي سي ان الربط مع خدماتهم أو عرض خدماتهم ليستفيد منها التاجر والمستهلك لا علاقة لها بمنصة ماي سي ان ، حيث أن هذا التعامل هو علاقة تعاقدية مستقلة عن منصة ماي سي ان وخاضعة للاتفاق المبرم بين التاجر ومزود الخدمة ، وبناءً عليه فإذا تخلّف أو امتنع أو لم يلتزم أحد الاطراف في تنفيذ التزاماته التي جرى الاتفاق عليها أو لم ينفذها على الوجه المطلوب فإن منصة ماي سي ان غير مسئولة عن ما ينتج عن هذه التصرفات، إن منصة ماي سي ان غير مسئولة عن أي مخالفات تحدث أو يتم ارتكابها بين التاجر ومزود الخدمة.
  • جميع التعاملات التي تتم بين التاجر والمستهلك لا علاقة لها بشخص منصة "ماي سي ان"، والمنصة غير مسئولة عنها، حيث أن هذا التعامل هو علاقة تعاقدية مستقلة تخضع للاتفاق الذي يبرم بين التاجر والمستهلك. وبناءً عليه فإذا تخلّف المستهلك عن سداد ثمن الخدمة أو المنتج الذي يوفّره التاجر فلا علاقة لمنصة ماي سي ان بهذه المخالفات.
  • منصة "ماي سي ان" غير مسؤولة بأي شكل من الأشكال عن أي أداء غير مرض أو متأخر من قبل المتاجر أو شركات الشحن أو بوابات الدفع الإلكتروني أو البنوك أو عدم التزام المستهلكين بالسداد ، ولا عن أي خسائر ، أو أعطال أو تأخير ، بسبب بضاعة غير متوفرة أو تأخر تسليمها أو عدم جودة الخدمة المقدمة من قبل المتاجر.
  • منصّة "ماي سي ان" ومنسوبيها وملّاكها ومن يمثّلها ويمثّلهم لا علاقة لهم بأي نشاط غير شرعي أو غير نظامي يقوم به المتجر، أو أي نشاط يخالف الأنظمة والتعليمات المرعيّة في المملكة العربية السعودية، حيث تنحصر مسئولية منصة "ماي سي ان" فقط في توفير وتقديم أدوات الدعم الالكتروني المتمثّل في تأسيس المتجر الالكتروني وما يتبع ذلك من خدمات دعم الكتروني.
  • ويقر جميع المشتركين المسجلين بالموقع بالتزامهم بعدم ادخال أي محتويات لها علاقة بالاختراق او التجسس وعدم نشر أي برامج ضارة او فيروسات وعدم نشر المواد الجنسية والاباحية او المخالفة والمخلة للآداب العامة وفي حالة مخالفة هذا البند يتحمل صاحب الفعل كامل المسؤولية القانونية عن أي ضرر قد ينتج من مخالفة هذا البند ويلزم بدفع تعويض جابر للضرر.
  • ويقر أيضاً جميع المشتركين بالموقع بان كل ما يتم اضافته من الصور والفيديوهات والمحتوى والعلامات التجارية والمواضيع المرفوعة على الموقع من ناحيتهم تكون على مسؤوليتهم، ويجب الا تكون الصور والعلامات التجارية محمية من الغير، وفي حالة مخالفة هذا البند يتحمل صاحب الفعل كامل المسؤولية القانونية.
  • يمنع كافة المسجلين بالموقع بشكل قطعي استخدام برامج الروبوت، والعناكب والزواحف وغيرها من البرامج أو التسجيل بالموقع عبر برامج أخرى غير مصرحة، كما يمنع استخدام برامج جمع وحصد العناوين البريدية أو عناوين البريد الإلكتروني من الموقع لأغراض غير مناسبة.
  • وبخصوص خدمات الدفع الالكتروني المقدمة من جانب موقع "ماي سي ان" يقر كافة المستخدمين لهذه الخدمة بأن كارت الائتمان او بطاقة الدفع المستخدمة في اجراء هذه العملية مصرح باستخدامها لاجراء عمليات تجارية خاصة بالمستخدم لهذه الخدمة وتحت مسؤوليتهم الشخصية.
  • منصة "ماي سي ان" لا تتحمل أي مطالبات تنشأ عن أخطاء أو إهمال، سواء كانت ناتجة بشكل مباشر أو غير مباشر أو عرضي أو عن طريق طرف ثالث.
  • يقرّ جميع المشتركين بالمنصة بأن منصة "ماي سي ان" لا تتحمل أي مطالبات أو مسؤوليات نشأت نتيجة خسائر مالية أو تشويه سمعة أو قذف أو أي أضرار تنشأ نتيجة لسوء استخدام أو إساءة استخدام أو عدم قدرة على استخدام منصة ماي سي ان، إن منصة ماي سي ان لا تتحمل أي مسؤوليات أو مطالبات في مثل هذه الحالات.
  • يقرّ كل المشتركين بالموقع بعدم تحمل هذا الموقع " ماي سي ان " في كافة الأحوال باي تعويض مادي او عيني لأي خطأ قد يحدث في المستقبل ، وهذا الإقرار يسري أيضا على كل من يعمل بإدارة الموقع و مالكي الموقع سواء كان مدير او موظف او مساهم فكل هؤلاء غير ملزمين باي تعويض يطالبوا به.
  • إن منصة ماي سي ان تلتزم بالتعامل مع معلوماتك الشخصية وعناوين الاتصال بك بسريّة وفقاً لأحكام سياسة الخصوصية وسرية المعلومات المعمول بها لدى منصة ماي سي ان.
  • تحيطكم منصة ماي سي ان علمًا بأن الشبكة العنكبوتية ( فضاء الإنترنت ) ليس وسيلة آمنة ، وسرية المعلومات الشخصية لا يمكن أن تكون مضمونة 100% في فضاء الإنترنت .
  • تتخذ منصة ماي سي ان معايير ( ملموسة وتنظيمية وتقنية ) ذات جودة عالية لحماية المستخدمين والمستهلكين ومنع وصول شخص غير مفوض إلى معلومات المستخدمين الشخصية أو متاجرهم، وحفظها.
المنشورات الدعائية الورقية والإلكترونية والعروض الخاصة بالمنصة
  • تسري قواعد وأحكام اتفاقية الاستخدام هذه على كافة المنشورات الدعائية الورقية والإلكترونية عبر مختلف منصات النشر وعبر مختلف وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي.
  • المنشورات والمطبوعات المذكورة هي وسيلة ترويجية لمنصة ماي سي ان.
  • إن المنشورات قابلة للتغيير وهي غير ملزمة لمنصة ماي سي ان فيما يخص ثبات أسعار الخدمات أو الباقات أو العروض وتغيير الأسعار يخضع للمتغيرات التي تطرأ على منصة ماي سي ان أو المتاجر أو التجار.
  • إن أي عروض تضعها منصة "ماي سي ان" هي عبارة عن عروض مؤقتة ويتم تحديدها بفترة زمنية محددة، ولا تلتزم المنصة بتمديد الفترة الزمنية أو بالاستمرار في الفترة الزمنية المحددة حيث أنها تملك الحق في الاكتفاء أو تحديد استحقاق أي مستخدم لهذا العرض أو إلغاء هذا العرض في أي وقت.
حقوق التأليف والنشر والملكية الفكرية
  • جميع المحتويات في هذا الموقع ، بما في ذلك التصميم والصور والبرامج والنصوص وغيرها من المعلومات هي من ممتلكات موقع " ماي سي ان " أو الجهات المرخصة بموجب العقود الموقعة مع الموقع ، و جميع هذه المحتويات محمية بموجب قوانين و أنظمة حقوق المؤلف و غيرها من قوانين الملكية الفكرية.
  • لا يجوز لكافة المشتركين نسخ أو عرض أو تعديل أو نشر أو بيع أو ترخيص أي جزء من محتويات هذا الموقع ، أو منتجاته أو خدماته ، والتي تم الحصول عليها من هذا الموقع في أي وسيلة و لأي احد، ما عدا ما ينص بشكل صريح على السماح به بموجب القانون المعمول به أو على النحو المبين في هذه الشروط والبنود ذات الصلة أو اتفاق مشترك.
  • يمكن للمستخدمين تنزيل أو طباعة المحتويات من الموقع للاستخدام الشخصي فقط ، وليس الاستخدام التجاري، شريطة عدم المساس بجميع حقوق التأليف والنشر و العلامات التجارية واتفاقيات الملكية الفكرية الأخرى.
  • تحترم إدارة منصة ماي سي ان حقوق الملكية الفكرية الخاصة بالتجار والتي كوّنوها عبر متاجرهم، سواءً كانت مملوكة لهم قبل تأسيس المتجر أم بعد تأسيسه.

منصة "ماي سي ان" لا تضمن إصلاح الأعطال ولا تضمن خلو المنتجات التي يقدّمها التجار من أي عيوب أخرى وإنما يضمنها المتجر أو التاجر في حالة ذكر الضمان ومدته وذلك بوصف المنتج، وعلى التاجر أن يلتزم بحسن الجودة في متجره الالكتروني.

  • يجوز لنا تغيير هذه الشروط و الاحكام من وقت لآخر عن طريق تحديث محتوى هذه الصفحة ، لذا على كل المشتركين بالموقع التحقق من هذه الصفحة والرجوع إليها من وقت لآخر للتأكد من أن التغييرات التي تمت سوف تحظى بقبولك ورضاك. وهذه الشروط والاحكام سارية من تاريخ نشرها على الموقع.
  • يقرّ كل المشتركين بالموقع بموافقتهم على هذه الشروط والاحكام و يقروا بموافقتهم على أي تعديلات قد تتم.
الاختصاص القضائي

تخضع هذه الشروط والاحكام في تفسيرها وتطبيقها لقوانين المملكة العربية السعودية وكذلك تخضع جميع الدعاوى القضائية لنفس القوانين، وفي حالة لقدر الله حدوث أي نزاع بين أحد المشتركين بالموقع والموقع تختص محاكم المملكة العربية السعودية دون غيرها بنظر هذا نزاع.


رسوم الاشتراك، ورسوم الخدمات على سبيل المثال: الفحص والتغليف ونحوها، ورسوم الشحن بعد صدور رقم التتبع من قبل شركة الشحن لا يمكن إرجاعها. في حال طلب إرجاع الطرد وإلغاء الشحن قبل صدور رقم التتبع سيتم إرجاع قيمة الرسوم كرصيد في حساب العميل في . MyCN

يتاح سحب رصيد MyCN (ما عدا الكوبونات، الهدايا ونحوها) إلى العميل وذلك حسب الشروط الآتية:

  • رسوم ثابتة غير مستردة تقدر بـ 8 دولار ( 30 ريال )
  • رسوم أو تكاليف التحويل، وقيمتها متغيرة ترجع لما يقدره البنك ويتم إعلام العميل به.
  • سعر الصرف ثابت عند شحن الرصيد يكون 3.79 ريال سعودي مقابل واحد دولار، وفي حال ارجاع الرصيد يكون 3.75 ريال سعودي مقابل واحد دولار.
  • يتم إرجاع المبلغ بمدة تتراوح بين 10 إلى 15 يوم عمل، وقد تأخذ العملية وقت أطول حسب الجهة والدولة.
  • يتاح سحب الرصيد لنفس الحساب المرسل منه، أو حساب تابع لنفس البنك / الدولة المرسل منها، ونرفض في MyCN إعادة توجيه الرصيد المسحوب لأي حسابات غير المذكورة أنفًا.
الموافقة على الشروط والاحكام

يقرّ جميع المشتركين بالموقع بأنهم قد قرأوا هذه الشروط و الاحكام بالتفصيل وملتزمون بكل ماجاء فيها ولا يجوز لهم مخالفة هذه البنود ، و يقروا بموافقتهم على هذه الشروط والاحكام بالكامل ، وفي حالة مخالفة هذه الاتفاقية يجوز للموقع إيقاف ظهور المشترك او المستخدم المخالف على الموقع كما يجوز للموقع حظر المخالف اذا تمادى في المخالفة.

تحتفظ MyCN بحقها، في أي وقت ومن وقت لآخر، في تعديل شروط الخدمة هذه دون إشعار مسبق لك، بشرط أن تشكل أي تعديلات من هذا القبيل تغييرًا جوهريًا على شروط الخدمة، فإن MyCN سوف يخطرك بذلك. نشر إعلان على الموقع. تسري التعديلات فور نشرها على الموقع. من خلال الاستمرار في الوصول إلى الخدمات أو استخدامها بعد إجراء أي تعديلات، فإنك توافق على الالتزام ببنود الخدمة المعدلة. ولهذا السبب، نشجعك على مراجعة شروط الاستخدام عندما تستخدم الخدمات. إذا كنت لا توافق على أي تغيير في شروط الاستخدام هذه، فيجب عليك التوقف عن استخدام الخدمات على الفور.