MYCN Company

A leading platform in the field of e-commerce, providing integrated solutions for import and shipping obstacles from China and America through a range of professional services that meet all the needs of customers in the field of commerce such as: buying products from Chinese stores at wholesale prices, providing storage spaces in warehouses in China, America and Saudi Arabia through an address Private mail for each customer, storing goods in warehouses equipped with the latest technologies, providing all logistical services that guarantee the safety of goods, shipping by air or sea, including customs clearance from China and America to anywhere in the world, linking with reliable global and local shipping and delivery companies, the possibility of establishing electronic stores Professional.

Our goal

Making the platform the largest place that includes all traders around the world of different nationalities and cultures, one thing unites them is to search for the best ways to meet all their needs in the field of trade while ensuring their success, we also aim to make the import and shipping experience from China and America easier through our professional services with a guarantee Eliminate all import obstacles from abroad that most traders face, such as: travel costs, mastering Chinese or English, obtaining products at wholesale prices and of high quality, ensuring the quality and safety of imported products from abroad, ensuring dealing with suppliers without loss, shipping products in a safe manner Fast time without delay, customs clearance data and procedures, finding safe warehouses for storage, dealing with reliable shipping companies.

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Modern Model Trading Company

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