Explosive substances
Fireworks, explosives, airbags, explosive chemicals.
Biological materials
Rotten food, human waste, living and dead organisms, toxic substances.
Alcohol and drugs
Fireworks, explosives, airbags, explosive chemicals.
Weapons and military techniques
Weapons of all kinds, parts of weapons, electric shockers, swords, pepper spray, and replica games for weapons.
Spyware tools and techniques
GPS devices, hidden recording devices (like cameras), laser pens and so on.
Flammable materials
Nail polish, Spray for hair, Electronic cigarettes with or without tobacco, Perfumes.
All kinds of stimulants, vitamins, some sports drinks, medicines that do not have the necessary papers to ship them.
Currency and legal documents
Cash checks, personal papers (civil ID, passport), official papers, magazines.
Materials violating local regulations
Pornography in all its forms, tools and sex toys, materials in violation of the laws and regulations of the state.

Prohibited to ship it to Saudi Arabia

It is prohibited to ship it to Saudi Arabia In addition to the above shipments, other shipments have been banned from Saudi Arabia:

Liquid materials of all kinds.

Cosmetics, and powders (ie powdered material).

All kinds of foods and beeswax.

Watches and tachographs.

Magnetic and magnetic materials.

Children's space sand.

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